Jesse Brune: The Nair Necessities Of Life

Jesse Brune of Work Out fame appeared on the Nair for Men float in this year’s New York City gay pride parade. As a spokesperson for the male version of the depilatory product, Jesse got to stand next to a group of artificially hairless males while expressing an accepting attitude for men who think they would look better using it.

Jesse’s attitude is that hair is fine, but for people that work out not for health but for vanity, it’s okay for them to want to remove chest hair in order to make their musculature more prominently visible.

The truth is that removing hair on your chest is like removing your eyebrows to make your brow muscles more evident. It looks bizarre. Unless you look like you are wearing a sweater even after you take your shirt off, chest and abdominal muscles are quite clear through short body hair. Without the hair, men look like they are suffering from some form of alopecia or infantilism.

More Jesse:

Jesse BruneJesse BruneJesse Brune

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