Body By Brett Novek

Following a tip to see another edition of Brett Novek‘s commercial work, I made a point to check out Tony Horton’s informercials for various fitness programs and products. I didn’t go out of my way to find it, but staying up late one night, I happened to finally see Horton’s 30 minute pitch to sell his “10 Minute Trainer” program. There I saw Brett appearing throughout the commercial in very brief clips that were used to suggest the (atypical) results that late night TV watchers could aspire to achieve for only two monthly payments of $39.95.

I believe I have seen every example of print and television work that Brett has done, so I should be habituated to his appearance by now. However, the first second that Brett appeared on screen during this ad I literally gasped because of Brett’s stunning good looks. The production people did a really great job of making Brett appear at his very best.

You know how in food ads the product displayed is crafted to be impossibly perfect to make it appear more desirable? Similarly, in this informercial the body of Brett (as the supposed end result of the offered fitness program) is shown as a flawless representation of the male physique. Of course, Brett brought his exceptional natural attributes to the production, but they were enhanced by the right lighting and makeup to produce a wonderfully ideal skin coloration. Brett’s body contours and the facial expression that he was directed to hold gave an impression of an only slightly updated version of a statue from the classical period of Greek art.

I know that in this case the display model is stamped “not for sale, display only”, but I wouldn’t mind making monthly payments of $39.95 in perpetuity to get me something like that.

Brett NovekBrett NovekBrett Novek


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  1. […] by admin on July 17th, 2008 Brett Novek, the epitome of tightened and toned, appeared in the infomercial for Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer. Brett’s on-screen time is short and intermittent, but the visuals are quite good for showing […]

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