Ryan Conklin And Serendipity

August 31, 2010

Ryan ConklinRyan Conklin, of The Real World Brooklyn and An Angel From Hell fame, started class this week at Temple University in Philadelphia. What’s really cool for some of his fellow students is that in their pursuit of learning and a hopefully marketable degree, they will serendipitously find themselves in the same class as Ryan and without any effort get to meet and know Ryan Conklin first hand. A lot of them will never even have heard of him before and yet they will have the opportunity that a lot of long-time fans will never get.

There are probably more than a few people around the country who are in the category of being followers since the beginning, and who will never meet Ryan in person, who may understandably and enviously file this thought under the tag of “life sucks the major root”. However, I think it’s great for the lucky Temple students. I hope they make the most of the opportunity, if only for the people who won’t get the chance.

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