Ben DiChiara Gets Tough

February 13, 2008

Ben DiChiaraIn episode 4 of Make Me A Supermodel, I was startled to hear Ben DiChiara of Nashville show his jail guard side to Jacki when she suggested that he had been sleeping every night with Aryn. He told her to shut her f-ing mouth. Cool. The female models on the show are too bitchy and they need to be put in their place. Still, Ben has been so incredibly easy-going that it seems strange to see him get mad.

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MMAS Pages

February 3, 2008

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it or not, but I decided to create screencap pages for some of the models on Make Me A Supermodel. I had created screencaps for all the episodes to use with discussions on so I had them readily available. I started with Ben DiChiara and that is the only one I have done so far. Ben DiChiara of Nashviille is a fan favorite of those who find his friendship with Ronnie Kroell appealing.

For some reason, I don’t feel the same level of interest in this show as I have with AMSM and JDMA. It’s as if there is an extra barrier between the contestants and the viewers that makes it harder to connect with them, and so less interested in whatever happens to them. Perhaps it is the lower brightness level of the video. I imagine that trait was determined in order to make the show seem more artistic and fashionable.

Here is the link for Ben DiChiara episode recaps.

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Make Me A Supermodel

January 3, 2008

The casting special for Bravo’s Make Me A Supermodel has ended and I am happy to write that four of my favorites made the initial cut. My guys were Dominic Prietto, Ben DiChiara, Perry Ullmann, Igor Galijasevic, and Ronnie Kroell. Unfortunately, Igor didn’t make it. The remaining ones should all be tough competition during the run of the show, but my favorite of favorites is Benjamin DiChiara.

A pleasant moment in the show was the men did runway and poses in swimsuits. Ronnie Kroell did a puppy style pose with his hair being pulled back. He said how much he liked it. I know we’ve all been there before.

A big negative moment was when Cory Bautista, President of NY Models, said that contestant Nicholas Boyd, who is gay, would be a good runway walker if he were a girl, because it was felt that Nicholas was too effeminate. It makes me sick to my stomach when someone of a class that has been historically discriminated against discriminates against someone else. This makes Bautista a super a-hole in my book. I give a big F U to that loser.

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