Ryan Conklin Back On MTV

July 7, 2009

Ryan Conklin IraqOn Ryan Conklin‘s MySpace blog, he had written on April 16th and again on June 8th that he would be seen again on television. With the certainty he had in stating it, it wasn’t hard to deduce that something was in the works, presumably MTV doing a special on Ryan’s deployment to Iraq.

Then more recently, there was a curious situation of Ryan suddenly adding two more people to the small list of those he followed on Twitter, one of whom (Matt Ruecker) was a producer for The Real World Brooklyn. Both of the two new followings had written about being in Baghdad recently for a short period of time.

Now it has been revealed that yes in fact MTV had been taping Ryan’s training while stateside and also his Army life and experience in Baghdad. It’s for a followup story of what has happened to Ryan after The Real World ended and he went back to active duty. It will include scenes of what Ryan’s life is like at Joint Security Station Saydiyah near Baghdad and will show him at work as an infantryman patrolling Baghdad’s Saydiyah neighborhood.

The MTV Ryan Conklin special Return To Duty will premiere on November 11th, 2009.

It’s not surprising that MTV would want to do an additional piece focused on Ryan Conklin. During the run of The Real World Brooklyn, the viewers were charmed by the personality and wit of this engaging young man, and were heartbroken as they watched his life turned upside down with the sudden notification that he was being recalled to active duty in the Army. People watching the show grew to have a great interest and affection for him, and after the show ended they continued to want to know how well he was faring.

At the moment, as every loyal fan knows and can recite from memory, Ryan is currently serving with the North Carolina National Guard, in Company B, 252nd Combined Arms Battalion, 30th Heavy Brigade Combat Team.

It will be heartwarming to see Ryan back on television, showing in new ways what an amazing person he is.

Click on the link for more about Ryan Conklin in Return To Duty.

Ben DiChiara Gets Tough

February 13, 2008

Ben DiChiaraIn episode 4 of Make Me A Supermodel, I was startled to hear Ben DiChiara of Nashville show his jail guard side to Jacki when she suggested that he had been sleeping every night with Aryn. He told her to shut her f-ing mouth. Cool. The female models on the show are too bitchy and they need to be put in their place. Still, Ben has been so incredibly easy-going that it seems strange to see him get mad.

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Ryan Kehoe

February 12, 2008

I have been watching MTV’s The Gauntlet III (Real World/Road Rules Challenge) because of Ryan Kehoe. I like Ryan and seems like a cool guy. You don’t get to see much of him on the show, but I find him increasingly appealing. He reminds me of an ex-boyfriend. At least all of the good parts.

I’ll tell you about where they differ. While they have both been waiters, at least Ryan Kehoe never sold women’s shoes, that I know of. He also probably is not a two-timing, serial dater nor a person who starts every conversation listing what illegal drugs he is on. Don’t get me wrong, I have no ill will toward the ex. He went from an active skinny boy to a huge blob, which showed me I didn’t miss out on anything. Still, we had some good times in the long ago.

MMAS Pages

February 3, 2008

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it or not, but I decided to create screencap pages for some of the models on Make Me A Supermodel. I had created screencaps for all the episodes to use with discussions on tvtrick.com so I had them readily available. I started with Ben DiChiara and that is the only one I have done so far. Ben DiChiara of Nashviille is a fan favorite of those who find his friendship with Ronnie Kroell appealing.

For some reason, I don’t feel the same level of interest in this show as I have with AMSM and JDMA. It’s as if there is an extra barrier between the contestants and the viewers that makes it harder to connect with them, and so less interested in whatever happens to them. Perhaps it is the lower brightness level of the video. I imagine that trait was determined in order to make the show seem more artistic and fashionable.

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Here is the link for Ben DiChiara photos.

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