Brett Novek Acting Up

February 16, 2009

Brett NovekBecause Brett Novek performed in director David DeCoteau’s movie Brotherhood V: Alumni, I sent Mr. DeCoteau a message asking what it was like working with Brett. Here is his response, dated January 20, 2009:

Just had dinner with Brett tonight. He’s doing great and looks better than ever. He did a great job for me in THE BROTHERHOOD V: ALUMNI and we are planning on working together again soon. Brett is a real sweetheart and is VERY serious about his acting.

In fact, Brett has already been cast in another DeCoteau movie, Nighfall, with filming in February and a theoretical release date of June, 2009.

BTW, it looks like Brett is appearing in an episode of Criminal Minds on April 8th.

Brett Novek Singing

February 15, 2009

Below is a link to a video of Brett Novek singing “Stand by Me” with actor friend Jon Fleming. Jon is known for playing the role of Adam in the gay horror soap, Dante’s Cove.

I like the Brett hairstyle, not so much the singing.

It’s good to see that Brett still has the sparkle in the eye.

Brett Novek Singing

Brett Novek In Brotherhood V Trailer

January 18, 2009

Someone has finally posted the Brotherhood V: Alumni movie trailer on YouTube, so now I can link to it. The movie had originally been scheduled to be released on 12/19/08, but that has been pushed back until at least February, 2009.

I like David DeCoteau’s work anyway and would have wanted to see this film no matter what, but with Brett Novek in it I eagerly look forward to it being available somewhere someday. Some scenes look steamy.

Brotherhood V: Alumni Trailer

Brett Novek In Brotherhood V: Alumni

October 31, 2008

Brett Novek stars and gets top billing in a new horror flick by one of the most renown directors of the genre, David DeCoteau. The movie is The Brotherhood V: Alumni, the latest edition in DeCoteau’s series of fraternal based fright films. The filming wrapped at end of September and the (limited) theatrical release date is 12/19/08.

For those who are familiar with and like DeCoteau’s work, you will probably not be disappointed in the viewing experience that this movie will provide, especially seeing Brett get the usual DeCoteau treatment. For those not familiar, let me say that whereas the average horror film has women walking around and being chased while inexplicably in their underwear, DeCoteau helps to balance the playing field by showing far more realistic scenes of men hanging around and being terrorized while wearing only their boxer briefs. HoYay!

Synopsis: “Who killed Leslie on prom night? Was it the hunky high school football star, his pretty girlfriend, the mean-spirited flirt, the prankster, or the juvenile delinquent? Or, were they all culpable? Ancient grudges surface as the mayhem spreads amongst the most popular and attractive students at Sunnydale High.”

Granted, it is low budget, but it’s still a movie and Brett getting a starring role is a big deal. Whether the movie comes to your city or not, you must see this movie. From what I have seen on the trailer, you will like it.

Brett Novek

Brett Novek

Brett Novek

Brett Novek

Brett Novek Is Extra TV Eye Candy

August 14, 2008

The celebrity newsmagazine show Extra, has taken notice that model Brett Novek is “eligible eye candy”. In a short clip for the show, Brett is shown multiple times playing tennis (shirtless) in between answering a few questions of the type that teenage girls would be interested in.

On the subject of kissing, Brett says that all he expects on a first date is a kiss. As the gentleman that he is, it should be expected that that is as forward as Brett would be. He’s most in the mood to do it if his date if wearing a little gloss.

Brett reveals his favorite pickup technique, which is to start talking to someone by saying they look familiar and then letting the conversation go from there. He sweetly says that his best feature is his “caring heart”.

The “news” in the segment comes when Brett reveals that he has a crush on fellow Floridian, actress Ashley Greene. He looks to the camera and lets Ashley know if she’s interested, “call me.”

Link to the link: Brett Novek Eye Candy on Extra

Brett NovekBrett NovekBrett Novek

Body By Brett Novek

July 16, 2008

Following a tip to see another edition of Brett Novek‘s commercial work, I made a point to check out Tony Horton’s informercials for various fitness programs and products. I didn’t go out of my way to find it, but staying up late one night, I happened to finally see Horton’s 30 minute pitch to sell his “10 Minute Trainer” program. There I saw Brett appearing throughout the commercial in very brief clips that were used to suggest the (atypical) results that late night TV watchers could aspire to achieve for only two monthly payments of $39.95.

I believe I have seen every example of print and television work that Brett has done, so I should be habituated to his appearance by now. However, the first second that Brett appeared on screen during this ad I literally gasped because of Brett’s stunning good looks. The production people did a really great job of making Brett appear at his very best.

You know how in food ads the product displayed is crafted to be impossibly perfect to make it appear more desirable? Similarly, in this informercial the body of Brett (as the supposed end result of the offered fitness program) is shown as a flawless representation of the male physique. Of course, Brett brought his exceptional natural attributes to the production, but they were enhanced by the right lighting and makeup to produce a wonderfully ideal skin coloration. Brett’s body contours and the facial expression that he was directed to hold gave an impression of an only slightly updated version of a statue from the classical period of Greek art.

I know that in this case the display model is stamped “not for sale, display only”, but I wouldn’t mind making monthly payments of $39.95 in perpetuity to get me something like that.

Brett NovekBrett NovekBrett Novek

Brett Novek In H.U.M.P. Movie

June 13, 2008

Brett Novek has a role in the upcoming movie H.U.M.P – The People’s Agency, produced by Urban Zebra Productions. H.U.M.P is a comedy about four former CIA operatives who apply their skills in counter-espionage to being romantic matchmakers.

Brett plays Beau Lincoln, the son of a rich businessman, who is peddling a highly advanced computer chip known as “Black Magic” on the black market. The CIA enlists the aid of the four former operatives, who are also the creators of the chip, to halt Brett’s character from selling this technology. The four have formed their own organization that they call “H.U.M.P.”, which is where the name of the movie comes from. The H.U.M.P. members each possess a specialized skill that will be needed to bring Lincoln down, but one of them (a stereotypical geek) demands that the others help him in his love life as a condition for his participation. Comedy ensues.

Strangely, the original press release for the movie spells Brett with only one ‘T’ and the credits at the end of the preliminary movie tease have Novek spelled “Novak”. Nevertheless, it is indeed the Sunshine State’s one and only Brett Michael Novek. As long as he didn’t have to perform any of his lines while standing on a rotating platform, he should do a good job in this film.

Brett Novek

Brett Novek Dating Stephanie Pratt?

June 5, 2008

Brett NovekIn Touch Weekly magazine is reporting that Stephanie Pratt from The Hills is dating America’s most huggable model and sweetheart Brett Novek. The evidence? Brett “was spotted whispering in her ear and making her laugh at the Target Converse One Star party in LA on June 1.”

There’s no way at this time to be certain whether it is true or not, but the rationale for the conclusion seems to be typical gossip rag logic. Brett is known to be a very friendly person who hangs out with a lot of people and to assume that he is dating someone just because he was seen talking to them at a party seems ludicrous.

I have never watched The Hills so I have no opinion of Stephanie. The only thing I know about the show is that her brother Spencer gets a lot of bad press.

The only pronouncement that I am aware of from Brett Novek on the subject is that the story is not true. He is reported to have said that he and Stephanie are just friends. My assessment is that the Brett denial is accurate.

It’s strange to see Brett’s name mentioned on gossip sites concerning this rumor. Brett Novek is too wholesome to be gossip fodder.

The Sublime Brett Novek

April 11, 2008

Brett NovekBrett NovekBrett Novek

In a promotional video clip from Irene Marie Models, male model Brett Novek again demonstrates that he is a living piece of art. In the clip, Brett walks, he smiles, he poses, and he strips to the waist. His exposed, aesthetically pleasing figure is worthy of putting on a pedestal for public display and his mastery of expression and mannerism shows how he captures the essence of complex ideas and emotions in a stunning visual representation.

In the second half of the clip, Brett performs a dance piece, which he uses to show his fluidity and his solid control of his physical movements. On the surface it seems like a trifle, but the performance is still relevant as a exposition of a talent that is ready to explode.

Sublime: A concept, thing, or state of exceptional and awe-inspiring beauty or moral or intellectual expression.

Link to video

Brett NovekBrett NovekBrett Novek

The Brett Novek Weather Report

March 22, 2008

Model Brett Novek appears in a short video in which he talks about the Los Angeles weather. He expresses his love for his home state of Florida, but remarks that the weather in L.A. is “gorgeous”.

Unfortunately, a good boy like Brett Novek doesn’t appear regularly on TV and in periodicals like those celebrities that are always getting into trouble, so we have to make do with infrequent clips such as this one.

The best part of the video is a freestyle dance routine that Brett does with himself in front of a mirror. The boy can move. Can you imagine how well he could do on a show like DWTS?

I’m not sure what prompts the creation of a video like this or how the subject is selected, but I have two suggestions for future ones. I would like to see a video where Brett speaks at length about his views on some of the serious issues of the day, or else Brett in a Speedo running in slo-mo across the sand ala Baywatch. I’d love either one.

Link to -> Brett Novek Weather video.

Brett NovekBrett NovekBrett Novek

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