Brett Novek Interview On BTR

March 2, 2008

Brett NovekBrett Novek gave an interview on BlogTalkRadio (the VH1 Celebreality show) and he talked about some of his experiences on America’s Most Smartest Model and what he has been doing since then.

Brett mentioned when he first heard the name of the show, it worried him a little bit because he though it would all be ridiculous but in the end it has provided a lot of positive things for him.

He talked about his part in the upcoming movie Penthouse. The movie is about a person who wins a reality show and moves into a penthouse with several roommates. Brett’s role is one of the roommates. Brett was in his manager’s office when a producer for the movie came in and recognized him and said he loved seeing Brett on the show and definitely would put him in the movie without the need for an audition.

On the subject of fame, Brett said that when he and Pickel go out to eat, people will scream out their names from their cars while taking pictures. Brett still thinks it is fun and hopes it continues.

Brett spoke about growing up in Florida and going to University of Central Florida. There a member of his fraternity suggested he get into modeling and so he started doing it his junior year. It wasn’t practical yet because he was still a full time student, so he started doing it more for real after graduation.

Concerning Mary Alice Stephenson, Brett he explained that when he backtalked Mary Alice, it was because he was doing runway just as he had been taught to do it and how he had been doing it already professionally. Still, he said Mary Alice was a positive figure on the show and that she is a great lady and a sweetheart that everyone on the show liked.

He said he keeps in touch with some of the models from the show but not so much the people who left early. He said he is friendly with all of them.

Brett definitely wanted to win AMSM but expected to go out before the end because he didn’t think he was competing at his best. He thinks doing an obstacle course and then doing a runway isn’t a practical portrayal of modeling but it does provide good entertainment. He thought it was a great finale to have a crazy Russian and a competitive American going for the title.

He said other models (not on the show) tell him that they actually liked the show.

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Link to Brett Novek Interview

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VJ Logan Wins and Loses

December 20, 2007

As expected, VJ Logan was proclaimed “America’s Most Smartest Model” in the finale of the show, beating Andre Birleanu. VH1 had described the show as a search for “the perfect combination of Beauty and Brains”. Van Jameson Logan did well enough in the modeling challenges to put him safely in the top tier of the best models, but it was on the brains side that he really excelled. He may not have had the intelligence or book smarts of a Daniel Schuman, but his application of his innate cleverness blew out the competition and left them amazed and sore (as in a kind of loser).

There appears to be some controversy concerning VJ Logan‘s victory. VJ’s win of the title has sparked a nasty backlash against him (and the judges, and the network, and the sponsor) on the VH1 message boards. While many of the messages can be immediately discounted since they are from women who state that they hope the allegations about Andre Birleanu abusing women are true and that they wish he would abuse them also, other messages continue to harp about the fictional story line created by the show’s editors that suggested that VJ had somehow cheated on his way to the win.

Brett Novek Interview

December 18, 2007

Please see my exclusive interview of Brett Novek. (Click on link)

VJ Logan

December 3, 2007

VJ Logan continues to be impressive on America’s Most Smartest Model. Even after being subjected to an alliance against him and after being selected (by the votes of the alliance members) as the model the remaining contestants thought was the least deserving of being selected as “Most Smartest Model”, he just gets stronger. His Jaguar presentation in episode nine was like a whole other power suddenly manifested itself on top of a repertoire of plenty of other model superpowers.

The accusations of him cheating are silly. The other players didn’t like his game activity but it was all legal. If anybody is to blame for the uncertainty of the standards of play it would be the people running the show. They didn’t define the tasks with level of detail that it done with Survivor or Big Brother. On those shows, a treadmill exercise would have been explained with an exhaustive list of parameters, such as your hands are not allowed to touch the apparatus at any time.

Van Jameson Logan used a lot of cleverness to figure out the best way to play the game and that made him the smartest model.

Jeff Pickel

December 1, 2007

America’s Most Smartest Model cast member Jeff Pickel is a man’s man. He’s someone you would want to go with to a sporting event, or to play poker with, or hang around with at a cookout. He might be handy to have around the house to figure out how to unclog a drain or something. His light-hearted commentary on everything would always keep you entertained.

It’s sad and depressing to think that America’s favorite scrubs-wearing, organ-pulling, clothes-making, female-touching, body-washing, self-tanning, chicken-loving, young Einstein impersonator has been banished from the home of the model gods.

The End is Near

November 30, 2007

There are only 10 episodes of VH1’s America’s Most Smartest Model so the end is near. I can’t wait to see who won the the VO5 Extreme Style $100,000 prize. I’ve been following the series very closely while doing analysis of the cast on a weekly basis for My focus has been on Jeff Pickel, Brett Novek, and VJ Logan.

The casting of the show has really made the show. The cast members are interesting and fun to watch. They are people that the viewers could get to know quickly and want to see more of from week to week. The producers could have easily just cast cardboard cutouts that looked good but had no other worthwhile traits to speak of. Instead, they picked people with both hot bodies and anything but stereotypical model personalities.

I hope as they cast for the second season that they don’t move away from the formula to focus more on drama and less on the comedic elements. AMSM has just enough drama to keep it interesting but so not so much to diminish the laughs.

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