Ryan Conklin Songs

Links to the music of Ryan Conklin:

Far From Home

Ryan sings a lament about being far from home in Iraq. A sentimental favorite for his fans, it was the first indication on The Real World Brooklyn of Ryan’s emotional depth.

You Suck Iraq

Ryan ConklinThe guitar smashing smash hit from Ryan’s early creative “Iraq” period. Short on lyrics, but visually stunning. Could make you wary of being near Ryan when he is holding large blunt objects.

The Tampon Song

Ryan ConklinRyan introduced this song to the general public when he sang it to Chet Channon on a stationary boat ride. With this song he solidified his bona fides as a satirist and comedian. Notwithstanding the subject matter, the tune is quite entertaining and catchy.

The Bromance Song

Ryan ConklinA song quickly contrived to acknowledge the association between Ryan and Chet that began when they were roommates on The Real World Brooklyn. The production crew at first nicknamed the pair “dumb and dumber” but they quickly found out that they were wrong about Ryan.

Baya Voce love song

Ryan ConklinA song with an unknown title, it was performed by Ryan on The Real World Brooklyn when Ryan sang it to and with Baya Voce.


Ryan ConklinOstensibly about a girl that Ryan claims to have broken up with in the past, the song implausibly speaks of a girl that would have been cheating on Ryan. Seriously, if a girl had Ryan Conklin, how would it be possible that she would even look at another guy?


Ryan ConklinA song that reflects Ryan’s love/hate relationship with Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The song title refers to the year that the famous Battle of Gettysburg was fought. The lyrics indicate that the town has not changed since that time since it is kept in its historical state in perpetuity. Ryan Conklin sings of Gettysburg.

Tampon II

Ryan ConklinA rousing performance by the cast of The Real World Brooklyn of The Tampon Song as they prepare to end their time on the show.

Runaway With Me

An invitation to travel with Ryan Conklin sans reservations and pre-planning.


A song about a mythical girl named Hannah, presumably the twin sister of Barbera.


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  1. dani says:

    i love ryan!

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