Ryan Conklin

Ryan ConklinReal World Brooklyn Ryan is cute but not beautiful. His 5′8″ body is pretty good but not remarkable. He can be funny and charming but also sarcastic and harsh. Yet people find him to be irresistible. It’s just that he can be so darn adorable when he turns on his boyish charm.

It also helps that he is a real life, self-assured G.I. Joe action figure, complete with changeable hats and removable mustache. And not the little 3 3/4″ size, but rather the mighty 8″ that you can barely get your hand around.

The magic in his allure is that it seems to cause people to forget his temper, his lack of tact, and his somewhat uncertain career path. All that people care about is that they must run their fingers through that baseball cap shaped hair and look into his eyes as he serenades about tampons or other feminine hygiene products.

Link to descriptions ->Ryan Conklin Songs:

You Suck Iraq

Far From Home

The Tampon Song

the Bromance Song

Baya Voce love song



Tampon II

Runaway With Me


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