Ryan Conklin And Wrenching Pathos

Ryan Real World BrooklynI watched episode 11 of The Real World Brooklyn, in which Ryan gets the notice that he was being called back to Iraq. Like most people I knew how it was going to end, but that still didn’t prepare me for the actual experience of watching it. Most of the show was additional awe producing displays of what an intricate and impressive person Ryan Conklin is. For someone like me who is trying to figure out what makes this person tick, it really throws one for a loop. Too much to understand.

Then came the inevitable finale.

I feel so numb. It’s like in a dream when you know exactly what bad thing is about to happen and you want desperately to change it but no plea can avert it. You want to reach out to someone, anyone, to make it stop.

Every week, with every episode and all the video clips, I become more in awe of Ryan. Unbelievable. Incredible. My mind can’t comprehend how all the parts of Ryan fit together in one person. I try to understand, but he’s like a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle for which there is no picture guide.

Ryan’s story is entertaining and riveting and emotionally draining. It provides hours of fascinating distraction.

But now I just want to know that everything’s going to be okay. Please be okay.


2 Responses to Ryan Conklin And Wrenching Pathos

  1. […] Geschichte von Ryan Conklin ist unterhaltend und fesselnd und die emotional Trockenlegung. Es stellt Stunden von faszinierenden […]

  2. brittany says:

    this is the first season of the real world ever that is not trashy.this season its all real people with real stories and real life struggles..how every season should be.the most amazing person on there is ryan.he’s a real soilder with a real big heart.i fedl his pain when i watch the show and it kills me that he gets called back.it just goes to show that the worst things can happen to the best people..but thats life and thats what makes this season the best.i hope all goes good with ryan and all the others.

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