Writing To Ryan Conklin

Ryan Real World BrooklynLooking at comments to Ryan Conklin (of Real World Brooklyn) that girls have written in various places, I can’t believe how moronic so many of them sound. It’s no wonder that Ryan is so turned off by typical girl talk. He may be a prankster and fun loving, but he’s almost 24 and not likely to be interested in fan girl speak, especially from adult women. His first girlfriend was a pharmacy major for goodness sake. That’s the level of goal oriented woman he would want to be with, not someone texting while watching Hannah Montana.

As a public service I will provide here to his female fans what I think are some helpful hints.

When writing to him,

  • don’t use exclamation points at the end of every sentence. If you really are that excited, try taking a Valium before writing.
  • don’t shout individual words in all caps. It’s harsh on the eyes and the ears and makes you look like you have typing Tourette’s.
  • don’t misspell a word with repeated letters. Saying you loooooove him says you are drunk or have fallen asleep on the keyboard.
  • don’t use ‘U’ instead of you. He would like an educated person, not a girl who cheated on her GED.
  • don’t say you are not a stalker. The only people who do, are.
  • don’t try to make an impression by being excessively fawning about him or his music; he’s not stupid.
  • Do try to be unique, informative, and funny. Ryan would be interested in someone a lot like himself. So be more like Janeane Garofalo and less like a 12 year old at a Jonas Brothers concert.


    6 Responses to Writing To Ryan Conklin

    1. Katelyn says:

      I’m sure by now you have been completely bombarded with emails. So I will try to say what i want without writing a novel.You are by far, the best cast member The Real World has seen since its very first season, When cast members were real people who werent necessarily seeking the fame, but the experience.
      Not only just you but all of the roomates. Your story is so inspiring. I really dont know too many people who are serving in the army, and to be honest theres almost a stereotype about the army bieng as almost a brainwashed cult. but your story has completely shattered any such stereotype. You have helped a lot of people see the reality of what exactly it is you and your comrades have done. Not only do we have the pleasure of hearing Ryan the American War hero story, but Ryan Conklins story. Your music is something that definantly defines the type of person you are. (obviously… as i myself am an artist) Its easy to have tough times and write a sad song about it. But you? You challenge yourself by bringing light to things; making it funny, even when the circumstances arent what we had hoped for. It is a gentle reminder of how precious life is, and that it shouldnt always be taken so seriously. No matter what unwanted or unexpected things are thrown at us. I admire your courage and your character. You my friend are one of a kind!
      I hope you will continue to work on your films. Artistc expression is an innate capabilty that really can’t be taught, but nurtured and finely tuned like a guitar. only few of us are truly gifted with this ability. I can see the passion inside of you…dont ever lose touch with that passion! You will go far.
      my love, gratidude, and best of luck in all your future endeavours,
      Katelyn Herenda

    2. Sonya says:

      No doubt many strangers will come out of the woodwork to wish you well, myself included. I don’t know you and I don’t claim to know who you are just because I happened to catch you on MTV. However, I do know that you are a soldier and that it is men and women like you that keeps me safe, and that makes it easy to shut my eyes at night.

      I will be praying for you, your family, and your peers who are fighting this war with you. I wish you the best in life and hope with all the energy in this universe that all of you will get home safely.

      It would be nice if you or someone could make a website so that we can all give you our prayers and wishes. I am always up for helping out those who have the backs of millions of strangers, so if there is anything I can do for you or any soldier, email me and let me know.

      Until then, stay courageous, be safe, think clearly, and don’t forget to find time to laugh. I, and all Americans, are praying for you guys and sending good thoughts.

      Eternally grateful,

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    4. Dane Suderland says:


      You are my hero. All of the things that you do and say make me think how lucky I am that you are fighting for our country. I myself am a director of independent films.
      And look at yours for ideas to make mine better. I just wanted to let you know that I look up to you and see you as an amazing person.


    5. taylor says:

      dear ryan,
      since you have had to leave the real world and go to iraq, i ahve been wondering if you are okay. i just hope you are. the fact tht you are fighting for our country is amazing. i would never be able to do that.
      when i heard the real world was comming to brooklyn i was so excited because i live there.

      come home safe and soon,

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