Ryan Conklin Has The Kavorka

Ryan Real World BrooklynRyan Conklin of The Real World Brooklyn is cute but not beautiful. His 5’8″ body is pretty good but not remarkable. He can be funny and charming but also sarcastic and harsh. Yet despite these things, women find him to be irresistible. Ryan has the kavorka.

As defined on the television series Seinfeld, the Latvian word kavorka means “the lure of the animal”. It is explained that women (and in this case some men) are drawn to a person that has it. They would give anything to be possessed by that person.

I don’t know if the Latvian language has a variation for this, but with Ryan it seems more like “the lure of the (stuffed) animal”. He can be just so darn adorable when he turns on his boyish charm. He knows how to do the head forward and down look, like when he is singing or when he is acting like a good listener as he did when he was talking to Katelynn Cusanelli about her surgery.

It also helps that he is a real life, self-assured G.I. Joe action figure, complete with changeable hats and removable mustache.

The magic in this kavorka power is that it seems to cause women to forget his temper, his non-positive comments about girls, and his somewhat uncertain career path. All that women care about is that they must run their fingers through that irresistible baseball cap shaped hair and look into his beckoning eyes as he serenades about tampons or other feminine hygiene products.

His kavorka lure may have been a good thing for Ryan Conklin when contained in his little town of Gettysburg, but now that its effect has gone nationwide it may be too much for him. You’ll know he’s reached that point when you see him at the Giant grocery store buying ten cloves of garlic, three quarts of vinegar, six ounces…

4 Responses to Ryan Conklin Has The Kavorka

  1. […] weiß nicht, ob die lettische Sprache hat ein Wort dafür, aber mit Ryan Conklin scheint es eher wie “die Verlockung der Spielzeug-Tier”. Er kann so verdammt […]

  2. interesting says:

    Interesting!!!! Im latvian but damn I hear such a name “kavorka” for the first time in my life!!!! :)) There ist such a word in latvian language!! And I really dont know what could it possibly mean!

  3. indyskye says:

    Response to the Latvian: The post says it was defined on a sitcom, as in a joke word. What were you expecting?

  4. […] on the inside showing through that is very potent and very alluring. I previously wrote about this Ryan Conklin kavorka that draws people to him. Posted in Reality Tags: Ryan Conklin « Ryan Conklin Sports A […]

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