Brett Novek In Brotherhood V Trailer

Someone has finally posted the Brotherhood V: Alumni movie trailer on YouTube, so now I can link to it. The movie had originally been scheduled to be released on 12/19/08, but that has been pushed back until at least February, 2009.

I like David DeCoteau’s work anyway and would have wanted to see this film no matter what, but with Brett Novek in it I eagerly look forward to it being available somewhere someday. Some scenes look steamy.

Brotherhood V: Alumni Trailer

2 Responses to Brett Novek In Brotherhood V Trailer

  1. Ashli says:

    OHHH that’s why I couldn’t find the listings anywhere! Thanks so much! Oh and the pics reminds me…[edited for content – could be interpreted as derogatory.]

  2. Sasha says:

    Thanks soo much, Brett looks amazingg as always I love himmm!! Can’t wait to get it on dvd so I can watch him over and over

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