Brett Novek In Brotherhood V: Alumni

Brett Novek stars and gets top billing in a new horror flick by one of the most renown directors of the genre, David DeCoteau. The movie is The Brotherhood V: Alumni, the latest edition in DeCoteau’s series of fraternal based fright films. The filming wrapped at end of September and the (limited) theatrical release date is 12/19/08.

For those who are familiar with and like DeCoteau’s work, you will probably not be disappointed in the viewing experience that this movie will provide, especially seeing Brett get the usual DeCoteau treatment. For those not familiar, let me say that whereas the average horror film has women walking around and being chased while inexplicably in their underwear, DeCoteau helps to balance the playing field by showing far more realistic scenes of men hanging around and being terrorized while wearing only their boxer briefs. HoYay!

Synopsis: “Who killed Leslie on prom night? Was it the hunky high school football star, his pretty girlfriend, the mean-spirited flirt, the prankster, or the juvenile delinquent? Or, were they all culpable? Ancient grudges surface as the mayhem spreads amongst the most popular and attractive students at Sunnydale High.”

Granted, it is low budget, but it’s still a movie and Brett getting a starring role is a big deal. Whether the movie comes to your city or not, you must see this movie. From what I have seen on the trailer, you will like it.

Brett Novek

Brett Novek

Brett Novek

Brett Novek


3 Responses to Brett Novek In Brotherhood V: Alumni

  1. Sasha says:

    OMG, please tell me it will be in theatres??? Where can I see a trailer for this? Brett looks so good I would watch the movie a million times!

  2. indyskye says:

    It appears that it will be in limited theatrical release starting December 19th. Best bet to see it will probably be DVD in 2009.

  3. Frances says:

    sasha did you find the trailer? i wanna see the trailer soo badly, could you tell me where you found it?

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