Dumais Is Short In Beijing But Still Big

Troy Dumais, America’s best hope for a medal in the men’s 3m springboard, finished in 6th place for his third Olympics in a row. Being 6-6-6 in anything is not the best situation to be in, but at least Troy has a good quality about him. He’s big in the sport of diving. Like really, really big. See under the cover coverage of Troy Dumais and Alex Despatie at the Olympics for more explanation.

America’s other entry, Chris Colwill, brought up the rear in 12th (last) place.

The Sino-stoner impersonation team of Qin and Chong finished 1st and 3rd, while Canada’s biggest diver (and again I stress big [see above link]) Alexandre Despartie finished 2nd for the silver.

Rounding out North America, Mexico’s Yahel Castillo ended in seventh place. Yahel is big everywhere. Especially nicely in the badunkadunk.

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