Brett Novek Is Extra TV Eye Candy

The celebrity newsmagazine show Extra, has taken notice that model Brett Novek is “eligible eye candy”. In a short clip for the show, Brett is shown multiple times playing tennis (shirtless) in between answering a few questions of the type that teenage girls would be interested in.

On the subject of kissing, Brett says that all he expects on a first date is a kiss. As the gentleman that he is, it should be expected that that is as forward as Brett would be. He’s most in the mood to do it if his date if wearing a little gloss.

Brett reveals his favorite pickup technique, which is to start talking to someone by saying they look familiar and then letting the conversation go from there. He sweetly says that his best feature is his “caring heart”.

The “news” in the segment comes when Brett reveals that he has a crush on fellow Floridian, actress Ashley Greene. He looks to the camera and lets Ashley know if she’s interested, “call me.”

Link to the link: Brett Novek Eye Candy on Extra

Brett NovekBrett NovekBrett Novek


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