Brett Novek In H.U.M.P. Movie

Brett Novek has a role in the upcoming movie H.U.M.P – The People’s Agency, produced by Urban Zebra Productions. H.U.M.P is a comedy about four former CIA operatives who apply their skills in counter-espionage to being romantic matchmakers.

Brett plays Beau Lincoln, the son of a rich businessman, who is peddling a highly advanced computer chip known as “Black Magic” on the black market. The CIA enlists the aid of the four former operatives, who are also the creators of the chip, to halt Brett’s character from selling this technology. The four have formed their own organization that they call “H.U.M.P.”, which is where the name of the movie comes from. The H.U.M.P. members each possess a specialized skill that will be needed to bring Lincoln down, but one of them (a stereotypical geek) demands that the others help him in his love life as a condition for his participation. Comedy ensues.

Strangely, the original press release for the movie spells Brett with only one ‘T’ and the credits at the end of the preliminary movie tease have Novek spelled “Novak”. Nevertheless, it is indeed the Sunshine State’s one and only Brett Michael Novek. As long as he didn’t have to perform any of his lines while standing on a rotating platform, he should do a good job in this film.

Brett Novek

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  2. lauren says:

    hey i just wanted to say thanks for all the updated brett novek information!! lol i come to your site for everything brett, please keep the pictures and new coming!!! I can’t get enough of himmmmmmmmmm!! thanks again, you’re doing a great job! pleaseee post some ASAP

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