Brett Novek Dating Stephanie Pratt?

Brett NovekIn Touch Weekly magazine is reporting that Stephanie Pratt from The Hills is dating America’s most huggable model and sweetheart Brett Novek. The evidence? Brett “was spotted whispering in her ear and making her laugh at the Target Converse One Star party in LA on June 1.”

There’s no way at this time to be certain whether it is true or not, but the rationale for the conclusion seems to be typical gossip rag logic. Brett is known to be a very friendly person who hangs out with a lot of people and to assume that he is dating someone just because he was seen talking to them at a party seems ludicrous.

I have never watched The Hills so I have no opinion of Stephanie. The only thing I know about the show is that her brother Spencer gets a lot of bad press.

The only pronouncement that I am aware of from Brett Novek on the subject is that the story is not true. He is reported to have said that he and Stephanie are just friends. My assessment is that the Brett denial is accurate.

It’s strange to see Brett’s name mentioned on gossip sites concerning this rumor. Brett Novek is too wholesome to be gossip fodder.

3 Responses to Brett Novek Dating Stephanie Pratt?

  1. atalya says:

    hell nooo, brett is mine.

  2. NaTi says:

    I´m a Mexican!

    Brett is beauty!!

    El es muy hermoso para ella, ella es fea y no lo merece

    el necesita alguien que sea de su tipo”!

    (como yo)


    bye, Love you brett

  3. […] Novek NOT Dating Stephanie Pratt Posted by admin on June 7th, 2008 In Touch Weekly magazine reported that Brett Novek is dating Stephanie Pratt from The Hills, but the response from Brett is that it is not true. According to the author of the […]

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