Jesse Brune Is A Star

In the third season of Bravo’s Work Out, the Jackie Warner portions of the show have become terribly tiresome and downright unpleasant to watch. Jackie’s God-like complex may be entertaining for a psychiatrist convention, but her frigid absence of emotions and her lack of any real connection to any other human beings makes this boss-from-Hell an unacceptable subject for people who want to watch TV to forget their troubles with their employer.

At least there is the irrepressible and wonderfully lovable co-star of the show, Jesse Brune. He’s the co-worker you want to dish with and have fun with both at work and outside of it. On the show, he says whatever he thinks in a very entertaining way and brings most of the wit and wisdom to the production.

Considering the woes that the show has with its titular main character, Jackie, it’s probably time to for the producers to start thinking about how to salvage the concept for any future seasons. The obvious answer is to replace Jackie by helping someone else set up their own fitness center. My suggestion for a new star is Jesse Brune. He could bring over some of the most watchable trainers from the current batch (including Brian Peeler) to start his own company. Who doesn’t think that a Jesse led show would be a lot more exciting and lot more filled with the good kind of drama?

The Return of Jesse Brune

Work Out: Jesse Welcomes JD

Jesse BruneJesse BruneJesse Brune

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