The Sublime Brett Novek

Brett NovekBrett NovekBrett Novek

In a promotional video clip from Irene Marie Models, male model Brett Novek again demonstrates that he is a living piece of art. In the clip, Brett walks, he smiles, he poses, and he strips to the waist. His exposed, aesthetically pleasing figure is worthy of putting on a pedestal for public display and his mastery of expression and mannerism shows how he captures the essence of complex ideas and emotions in a stunning visual representation.

In the second half of the clip, Brett performs a dance piece, which he uses to show his fluidity and his solid control of his physical movements. On the surface it seems like a trifle, but the performance is still relevant as a exposition of a talent that is ready to explode.

Sublime: A concept, thing, or state of exceptional and awe-inspiring beauty or moral or intellectual expression.

Link to video

Brett NovekBrett NovekBrett Novek

3 Responses to The Sublime Brett Novek

  1. […] Erhabene: Ein Konzept, Ding, oder Stand der außergewöhnlichen und atemberaubenden Schönheit oder moralischen oder geistigen Ausdruck. […]

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  3. Da frage ich mich beim groben Lesen schon, ob man selbst nicht irgendwie auf den Kopf gefallen war. Dankeschon fur Ihre Berichte

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