Ben DiChiara

Ben DiChiaraAt the beginning of the season of Make Me A Supermodel, I thought well of Ben DiChiara and his chances to go far on the show. He was easy to like, being cute, being a newlywed, and being a law enforcement officer. Over time as the weeks went by, I became less enamored, but now that the show is over I am ready to reevaluate my views.

Looking back at things I wrote about him on, I can see that for the first seven episodes I stayed pretty positive about him. I appreciated his body toning, his good attitude, and his respect of gay male valuation. I described him as polite, good-natured, and full of sweetness and light. At the same time, I increasingly realized what a despicable person Ronnie Kroell was, as he was portrayed on the show. Though they were friends and allies, I managed to keep my affection for Ben unaffected by my dislike of Ronnie.

My perception of Ben really changed with episode eight (the ski lodge). The bizarre behavior Ben exhibited during the competitions was just too much, although I was open to the possibility that he was only cracking under the strain of being on the show. Once I started to see him in a negative light, I was willing to think less of him for things like resisting selling clothes at Bloomingdale’s in episode eight. By episode nine, I saw him and Ronnie as being a matched set, and since I strongly disliked Ronnie, I didn’t want either of them to win.

I was further turned against him by reading the comments of the self-proclaimed friends and family of Ben on the message boards. I was appalled by the low-class and ruthless things that his supporters had stated in attacking anyone and everyone that didn’t agree with them.

During the finale, I started to reevaluate my position. The nice way Ben was when April was there is how I had hoped he would always be. It was then that I considered the possibility that Ben is not a bad person, he is just a person who has had a lot of bad influences around him. A person can’t pick their family, but they can make sure that the friends they select are decent people with a good amount of integrity. I hope this is something Ben becomes more aware of in his life.

I wish Ben well and I hope he enjoys much success in whatever future he seeks. I just don’t want him to be brought down by any more Ronnies.

3 Responses to Ben DiChiara

  1. Paul Ricard says:

    I thought Ben was by far the most wholesome person on the show.

    He is very articulate and also reserved. His behavior makes sense considering what I percieve to be his natural shyness.

    I don’t think he comes from a bad space. His negative behavior is reflective of his background. But people change. I wanted Ben to win.

  2. Claimable says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Claimable

  3. Kathy DiChiara says:

    Hi, I live in Alabama and I wanted to find out more about you…we have the same last name which is unusual. I would love to chat and discuss it,

    Kathy DiChiara

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