The Brett Novek Weather Report

Model Brett Novek appears in a short video in which he talks about the Los Angeles weather. He expresses his love for his home state of Florida, but remarks that the weather in L.A. is “gorgeous”.

Unfortunately, a good boy like Brett Novek doesn’t appear regularly on TV and in periodicals like those celebrities that are always getting into trouble, so we have to make do with infrequent clips such as this one.

The best part of the video is a freestyle dance routine that Brett does with himself in front of a mirror. The boy can move. Can you imagine how well he could do on a show like DWTS?

I’m not sure what prompts the creation of a video like this or how the subject is selected, but I have two suggestions for future ones. I would like to see a video where Brett speaks at length about his views on some of the serious issues of the day, or else Brett in a Speedo running in slo-mo across the sand ala Baywatch. I’d love either one.

Link to -> Brett Novek Weather video.

Brett NovekBrett NovekBrett Novek


2 Responses to The Brett Novek Weather Report

  1. […] ist ein guter Junge wie Brett Novek nicht erscheinen regelmäßig im Fernsehen und in Zeitschriften wie die Prominenten, die sich immer […]

  2. lauren says:

    whoever owns his videos on youtube basically blocked them all, what’s up with that?

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