Brett Novek Photo Overload

I’ve been wanting to mention the Brett Novek photos on I haven’t counted them, but there appear to be dozens of them, with Brett modeling shirts for brands such as Drifter, Ed Hardy, Monarchy, and Salvage. Seeing them is like receiving a stack of photographs out-of-the-blue from a long-distance friend. They let you know that all is well for our favorite model.

I don’t know what the profit margin is for the sales of this clothing, but I’m thinking that the retailer could have made substantially more on the shirts that Brett actually wore on his body in the photos. It could be a whole other category of sales. They could hire Brett to put on shirts, take them off, stamp “Worn by Brett Novek” on them and ship them for an additional 100% markup.

Speaking of Brett photos, I see them all of his photos as falling into one of three categories. There are the happy, good-natured ones, the stern ones, and the strange ones. The happy ones, which are the majority, make me happy and the stern ones have a neutral effect. The strange ones leave me uneasy. I don’t like the ones where he gives the finger to the camera.

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