Big Shot Jeff Pickel

Jeff Pickel from America’s Most Smartest Model is on video showing how to model. It’s for the web based “Big Shot Live” talent search. I’ve added two Jeff Pickel Big Shot Live videos to the fan page.

The opening credit mentions “Prof. Jeff Pickel”. (It would be appropriate to cue Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher” at this point.) I wouldn’t mind being instructed by Pickel on any subject. He has a hands-on approach (literally) with his students. His subject matter includes how to arch your back and give an “orgasm look”. I’m totally sold on it. Sign me up for private lessons and a couple hours of detention.

Also, Pickel’s display of how to do tiger bites and pawing would totally be worth the tuition.


One Response to Big Shot Jeff Pickel

  1. paul brown says:

    I think that you were one of the best players. I wish I could meet you.

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