Janice Dickinson And Peta

In the Janice Dickinson Peta protest, as seen in episode seven of season three of her show, the models become activists and bare some of their stuff for the fur free cause.  It’s nice that people are willing to do things to show their support, but I think a “I’d rather be naked than wear fur” rally ends up being more about the voyeurs than the promotion. The bottom line for me is that I don’t know why anybody would even want to look like a ball of fur wrapped in it, but if it can all be done humanely then I’m willing to let people do what they want.


One Response to Janice Dickinson And Peta

  1. mn. fur trapper says:

    fur is good and warm. alot of trappin is done humanly…. what most people dont understand that it is not just killing animals for there fur. us trappers are a big part of conservation of animals. we manage population and control diseases. if we dont trap or hunt population goes up and if that happends the animals in the area hav a better chance of catching a disease. and if a disease happends in a heavy populated area, all the animals will get it and most likly die. as a trapper we control population so if a disease happends the animals are less likly to catch it and have it spread.and thats how we get our fur.

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