Brian Kehoe Interview On BTR

Update: Read the Exclusive Brian Kehoe Interview. (Click on link).

Brian Kehoe did an internet radio interview on “The Emilio Show” on BlogTalkRadio in which he spoke about his activism, the non-straight rumors, his career in modeling, and his music and television favorites. He also had to deal with a number of callers (both friends and fans) who let him know how much they loved him. I believe there was at least one marriage request.

He mentioned when he was 20 he visited LA to attend an open call for Janice Dickinson and when he got selected (for season 2), he moved there, living with four of college friends including Grant Whitney Harvey.

He believes that people wonder if he is gay because he deliberately acts in a way to attract attention. One of his friends called in to vouch for his straightness.

In connection with a question about Heath Ledger’s untimely death, he mentioned that he says a lot of drug use in the industry, especially cocaine.

Concerning his career choice, he stated that he wanted to be a model since he was a kid. Although he hopes to be wealthy enough to be free of having to work someday, but would probably keep modeling because he loves it so much. He said his biggest job so far was the 2(x)ist photo shoot on Catalina.

When asked which male model he liked best he answered Chris Jones and his favorite female (not surprisingly) is Traci.

I added a link to it here.


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