Brett Novek LA Fitness Ad

I have added the video of the Brett Novek LA Fitness commercial to his fan page that I maintain. Let me say that the video, though short in length, makes you really appreciate how talented Brett Novek is. He dribbles a basketball between his legs before taking a shot with perfect form. He lifts hand weights while wearing a sleeveless performance shirt and a Mona Lisa smile (consistent with his stature as a work of art). He has a double exposure with him having fun spinning the ball on his finger while also making a pass to the camera. Now we just need more Brett! More, more, more!

The commercial does an excellent job with Brett as the male figure to show all that LA Fitness has to offer. Brett appears like a young professional type who goes to the club to keep in shape, look good, and to have some fun with sporting activities like basketball or racquetball. With Brett as an image of a club member, I would expect membership there to have a good increase.

The other videos I have included on my “Brett Novek admiration society” page are the one of him having fun with his Brett Novek Papi Underwear poster at Macy’s and the Brett Novek Solja (Soulja) Boy dance.


6 Responses to Brett Novek LA Fitness Ad

  1. Lolita_Dolce says:

    Thankx for the videos!! Hopefully more people join your site :0)

  2. brett says:

    thanks for all the positive things you say about me. i really appreciate it. have a great new year!!!


  3. indyskye says:

    Brett, you make my job easy to write about you because there are so many positive things to mention. You should get into politics. Then there would be someone worth supporting. BTW, you are the only person in the world that knows who I am in real life. Keep that secret.

  4. joann says:

    omg brett you are the hottest thing ever you just make everything soooooo much better keep up the good work and good luck to you on all your work hope to meet you one day!!!

  5. paul brown says:

    you and pickel are awsome and make a good team. Good luck in the future.

  6. paul brown says:

    you are awsome. I think you did deserve to win more then any one else on the show did. please write back if you get this message.

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