Make Me A Supermodel

The casting special for Bravo’s Make Me A Supermodel has ended and I am happy to write that four of my favorites made the initial cut. My guys were Dominic Prietto, Ben DiChiara, Perry Ullmann, Igor Galijasevic, and Ronnie Kroell. Unfortunately, Igor didn’t make it. The remaining ones should all be tough competition during the run of the show, but my favorite of favorites is Benjamin DiChiara.

A pleasant moment in the show was the men did runway and poses in swimsuits. Ronnie Kroell did a puppy style pose with his hair being pulled back. He said how much he liked it. I know we’ve all been there before.

A big negative moment was when Cory Bautista, President of NY Models, said that contestant Nicholas Boyd, who is gay, would be a good runway walker if he were a girl, because it was felt that Nicholas was too effeminate. It makes me sick to my stomach when someone of a class that has been historically discriminated against discriminates against someone else. This makes Bautista a super a-hole in my book. I give a big F U to that loser.

Here is the link for Make Me A Supermodel episode commentary.

Here is the link for Ben DiChiara photos.

Here is the link for Perry Ullmann photos.

5 Responses to Make Me A Supermodel

  1. John Keith says:

    Good god – I am sure the kid is a nice guy but the comment by Corey was most certainly warrented. He walked a bit like a woman. I would think that unless that particular style of model is what the designers are looking for then he should not have made the cut. Its a reality show. That means we get to hear what goes on – get it – reality? As a gay man myself – I actually had to chuckle a bit. You have never stood on the sidelines at a bar or club and made comments like that about someone? If you say no – then your a liar.

  2. indyskye says:

    I have not made such comments at a club and none of my friends would either. I am aware that there are gay people that loathe gay behavior, but fortunately I do not and do not associate with any that do. It is true that discrimination exists in the workplace and that is reality However, it is necessary for decent people to speak out against it as I have here.

  3. Randy says:

    The fact of the matter is – male models on the runway do not walk like women, whether there personalities be masculine or effeminate.

  4. indyskye says:

    To reject a model because of a poor walk is fine. Stating that a model walks like a “door-to-door salesman” is fine. Denigrating a gay man’s masculinity is not. “Walking like a girl”, “talking like a girl”, “throwing like a girl”, etc. are only used when intending to encourage discrimination.

    Also, gay people are the vanguard for breaking the chains of society enforced gender based behaviors and their contribution to that effort should be celebrated, not criticized.

    If a man walks on a runway “like a girl”, civilization will not cease to exist and most importantly, buyers will not place less orders.

  5. xriss says:

    This is stupid behavior youre right descent people need to speak out against it. Especially those designers and people who are in the higher ups of the business who are out gay men themselves.

    How can they expect heterosexual people to support their struggles for equality when they themselves loath and discriminate against gay men who are not gender conforming?

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