VJ Logan Wins and Loses

As expected, VJ Logan was proclaimed “America’s Most Smartest Model” in the finale of the show, beating Andre Birleanu. VH1 had described the show as a search for “the perfect combination of Beauty and Brains”. Van Jameson Logan did well enough in the modeling challenges to put him safely in the top tier of the best models, but it was on the brains side that he really excelled. He may not have had the intelligence or book smarts of a Daniel Schuman, but his application of his innate cleverness blew out the competition and left them amazed and sore (as in a kind of loser).

There appears to be some controversy concerning VJ Logan‘s victory. VJ’s win of the title has sparked a nasty backlash against him (and the judges, and the network, and the sponsor) on the VH1 message boards. While many of the messages can be immediately discounted since they are from women who state that they hope the allegations about Andre Birleanu abusing women are true and that they wish he would abuse them also, other messages continue to harp about the fictional story line created by the show’s editors that suggested that VJ had somehow cheated on his way to the win.


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