VJ Logan

VJ Logan continues to be impressive on America’s Most Smartest Model. Even after being subjected to an alliance against him and after being selected (by the votes of the alliance members) as the model the remaining contestants thought was the least deserving of being selected as “Most Smartest Model”, he just gets stronger. His Jaguar presentation in episode nine was like a whole other power suddenly manifested itself on top of a repertoire of plenty of other model superpowers.

The accusations of him cheating are silly. The other players didn’t like his game activity but it was all legal. If anybody is to blame for the uncertainty of the standards of play it would be the people running the show. They didn’t define the tasks with level of detail that it done with Survivor or Big Brother. On those shows, a treadmill exercise would have been explained with an exhaustive list of parameters, such as your hands are not allowed to touch the apparatus at any time.

Van Jameson Logan used a lot of cleverness to figure out the best way to play the game and that made him the smartest model.


2 Responses to VJ Logan

  1. Anthony says:

    I need to know what shirt/brand VJ is wearing in episdoe 8 its the green polo with the two guns crossing eachother, I was interested in that peice of clothing just curious who the manufacturer was…

  2. trickwire says:

    It’s Private School Assault Wear.

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