Brett Novek

My favorite model on America’s Most Smartest Model has been Brett Novek. Besides being a super stud, he’s one of the more personable, and seemingly nice people on the show. Its refreshing to hear him tell his peers that he regards himself lucky and thankful for what nature gave him. I hope it has not been just a act.

He seems like he would be a good antidote for a stressful day. A smile and a hug from Brett should make the sky turn blue again.

VH1’s summary of his personality included a mention that he was sometimes confrontational. Before episode eight, it seemed to be some kind of mistake. Now we know it was all too true.

Brett seems to have lost his way, focusing on getting rid of VJ, instead of focusing on doing his best for himself and his AMSMBFF Jeff Pickel. That kind of mistake has already cost him something emotionally. We will have to see if he can turn it around by being less bothered with VJ Logan‘s performance and more directed towards just doing his best.

It will be interesting to see what he has to say after the show is over, regarding what he thinks about the other cast members and how he was portrayed in what was aired.


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