The End is Near

There are only 10 episodes of VH1’s America’s Most Smartest Model so the end is near. I can’t wait to see who won the the VO5 Extreme Style $100,000 prize. I’ve been following the series very closely while doing analysis of the cast on a weekly basis for My focus has been on Jeff Pickel, Brett Novek, and VJ Logan.

The casting of the show has really made the show. The cast members are interesting and fun to watch. They are people that the viewers could get to know quickly and want to see more of from week to week. The producers could have easily just cast cardboard cutouts that looked good but had no other worthwhile traits to speak of. Instead, they picked people with both hot bodies and anything but stereotypical model personalities.

I hope as they cast for the second season that they don’t move away from the formula to focus more on drama and less on the comedic elements. AMSM has just enough drama to keep it interesting but so not so much to diminish the laughs.


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